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Written by:  ANNETTE - Lover of Ohio's Local Music!!!

One thing about being in Ohio is that there is never a shortage of music!  And, I stick to my guns and make it a POINT to find the best METAL I can!!  I found Cellbound because I was a big Mob Scene fan.  Jozey, was the guitarist in the band Mob Scene.  And, being the loyal guitar lover I am, I had to check out his next project.  And, as expected, it was AMAZING!  I caught their first show at the Hi-Fi club back in the fall and ... I was HOOKED!  It's an amazing gathering of wicked cool rockers and very talented musicians!  It's a very high energy show!  If you're someone who's not necessarily into this type of music, I dare you to NOT get out of your seat to at least go see what's going on up on the stage that Cellbound plays!  You can't sit still and NOT at least tap a toe to this stuff!!!! 

Anyway ... I had the PLEASURE of chatting with Jozey, one of the guitarists in Cellbound.  I wanted to find out all about his vision for the project from the beginning and took it all the way through to where Cellbound is heading.  SO .... CHECK IT OUT!!!

ANNETTE:  Well, first, tell us where the name "Cellbound" came from?

Jozey:  I read a phrase that said some murderer was Cell Bound after being convicted and it grew on me.  I have done some time and started to reflect on different ways that we are all held captive in our heads . . . by society, by our family, friends, etc.  CellBound to me is representative of the various ways that people are held captive. 

ANNETTE:   Cellbound is such an amazing mesh of talent. WHO is the band? 

Jozey:  Cellbound is Todd “T-Bone” Alley, an amazing drummer,  T.J. Rock on male vocals, Chris Emig on female vocals, David Borowski on Guitar,  Myself - Jozey on Guitar and Nate Rock has recently replaced founding member; Eric “Zitch” Mitchell who had to leave the band of his own choice. His schedule was not working for this gig.

ANNETTE:  Where did you find the members?

Jozey:  I started putting a side project together in March of 2006 with Kris Dann from Hatecore, Inc. and we found Todd…best audition ever! Ha Ha!  The only guy I wanted on bass was Zitch and he said yes…Kris left and Todd suggested Dave who was perfect. We found Chris and TJ through auditions and Chris and I have done shows together in previous bands. 

ANNETTE:  Tell us about Nate Rock, the newest members of Cellbound. Why'd ya need him?

Jozey:  Nate is T.J.’s brother and a natural fit to replace Zitch. He came in knowing the songs and is a talented musician.  He plays guitar and drums better than bass.  The transitition, although bittersweet,  - we love Zitch - has been smooth and easy. 

ANNETTE:   Each member of Cellbound brings something special to the musical meld. Were you specifically looking for each individual's offering to the project? And, if so, why was it so important to have so many elements?
Jozey:  When Todd and I made the decision to continue after Kris left and we thought Zitch was leaving, we decided to carry on and we talked a lot about what we wanted to accomplish with this band. We decided that we wanted to find the perfect blend of his extreme metal taste and my classic metal taste, combined with certain elements of modern rock. We didn’t set out to find people that added that, but we found them…that’s for sure. 

ANNETTE:   Let's talk about Cellbound having two lead singers. Was this part of the original vision for the project?

Jozey:  Yes, when I decided to form a new project, I was working with Kris from Hatecore and we decided to bring a singer with classic metal roots and a singer in the line of Phil Anselmo

ANNETTE:   Do you think it's fair to say that having two lead singers, and adding Chris Emig to the band has set you apart from similar bands playing same genred music as Cellbound?

Jozey:  Without a doubt, there are not many other bands doing what we do, or doing it with the style and conviction we are. 

ANNETTE:  Tell us about the influences behind Cellbound. What music, bands or musicians make up major influence in Cellbound's music?

Jozey:  Because we have six members, the influences would be far too varied to list…but we have kind of decided to claim, Lacuna Coil, Pantera, Black Sabbath and Testament as the main influences. 

ANNETTE:   Musically, there's such a heavy hitting sound from Cellbound. With two guitar players, bass, drums and two singers, in your opinion, which piece is the glue who holds it altogether.

Jozey:  Without a doubt, you are only as good as your drummer and I will match our drummer up with anyone in Ohio…he is the best!

ANNETTE:  The debut CD "Nothing to Die For", although a short, 6-song album, is packed full of amazing power metal. Tell me about the writing for the songs. Who does the writing for Cellbound? Is it a group effort?

Jozey:  The writing in this band is the easiest I have ever been around.  Basically, Myself or Dave brings a riff or a song.  I like to bring three riffs to the table.  Then, we’ll jam them.  Usually at that point, Todd and I will go in his "batcave" and record and arrange the riffs into the base of the song and give it to the band to approve and write lyrics for.  Todd and I have a great rapport for writing together.  The band in general has unlimited input into the songs.  Todd, Dave and I just sketch the songs, the band colors them in. 

ANNETTE:   With the attention that Cellbound is getting, are you yet in process of putting out another disk? And, if so, can we expect a full length CD?

Jozey:  We still have to write more songs - a process that should speed up now that we have fixed our scheduling issue.  We have already written two new ones, one Forgotten is a big part of our set now and the other should be ready for February.   I would say June or July, we will be working on a full length.  When the material is ready, the recording process will begin. 

ANNETTE:  Pick a song from the CD - other than the title track - that you feel perfectly sums up what Cellbound is.

Jozey:  My Misery.  It contains elements of Classic Metal, Thrash, Modern Rock and extreme metal.  It has it all!

ANNETTE:  I've been out to a few Cellbound shows and, I'm always impressed with the audience. When I look around the room, I can see such a mixed fan base. From young 20-ish to the middle aged. How do you feel when you see this mix?

Jozey:  The idea was to reach the largest audience we could. We knew going in that with two singers, we could pull in more attention, and hold it longer. You never get too much of either singer or either guitar player. We always want to leave fans of either singer wanting more. 

ANNETTE:   Do you feel that Cellbound is the success that you were looking for when you started this project?

Jozey:  It is getting there. We are still getting our stage legs under us.  The next two months will help with that, we have like 6 shows in January/February.  This and the ability with Nate to practice twice a week again is going to tighten things up big time. Watch out come March and April! 

ANNETTE:  Tell us about all of the dates that are now starting to pop up all over the Cellbound calendar and outside of the Akron/Cleveland area. Obviously you're being received as a live band very well. Any tour plans soon?

Jozey:  We are just trying to get on shows in front of good crowds, we have been lucky so far in that area.  The shows out of town are a necessity.  The Akron market does not offer the ability to play every month, there is not a big enough market for it.  Cleveland is somewhere we will play each month.  The out of town gigs give us the ability to build several markets we are known in.  Then, we will grow on them like a fungus!

SO ... there you have it!  If you're ANYWHERE within a one-tank trip of where they're playing soon,  make SURE to check out Cellbound!!!  or on MySpace at

Well, what did you think of the interview??

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